Real Cricket '14


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Real Cricket '14 is (as its name makes clear) a cricket game where players can choose from among the 16 best teams in the world - including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal - to participate in the most important competitions in the world.

Gameplay in Real Cricket '14 is quite intuitive, and in fact is explained right before each match. You can aim your bowls with the left virtual joystick and set the power with the button to the right.

Depending on how you bowl, your opponent might be able to hit the ball, and from then on, everything is in your team's hands. They'll have to try and catch the ball or at least throw it as quickly as possible to the center of the field.

In Real Cricket '14, there are several different game modes, from simple friendlies to the most spectacular tournaments like the T20 World Cup.

Real Cricket '14 is one of the best cricket games you can find for Android, with great graphics and loads of teams, tournaments, and quality details.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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